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Uniformed Firefighters Association
Of Greater New York Local 94 I.A.F.F. AFL-CIO

The UFA is a non-profit advocacy organization representing the health, safety and interests of New York City Firefighters and the citizens they are sworn to protect.

SAFR Sports

SAFR Sports is a safety innovation company dedicated to providing a safer environment for all participants in contact sports through our patented Scientifically Advanced Force Reduction technology.

Ready Rebound

When first responders get injured, they call Ready Rebound. We deliver expedited, high-quality healthcare advocacy, person to person, heart to heart, 24/7 and 365 days a year. We promise to always answer the call the moment our heroes need us.

Coach Comm

Based out of Auburn, Ala., CoachComm offers the best communications equipment and coaching tools available on the market today. With more than 30 years of unrivaled excellence in coaching headset communications, we’ve built our business on winning. CoachComm is the wireless coaching communications provider for 97% of FBS teams and thousands of high school and small college programs across the country. At every level, from high school to college, champions trust CoachComm for their coaching communications, shouldn't you?

Municipal Credit Union

Municipal Credit Union has been serving the financial needs of our members since 1916. The credit union was chartered in response to the concern of New York City Mayor, John Purroy Mitchel, who wanted city employees to have a way to save at reasonable rates and a low cost borrowing alternative to loan sharks.